image slider
Charlie Siem
jqeury image slider
finger catchable right to left
responsive image slider
responsive, scale smoothly
touch swipe image slider
random caption transition
jQuery Slider
widely used image slider example
mobile ready, drag move
touch swipe, touch freeze
responsive, scale smoothly
random caption transition
arrow key navigation
banner rotator
slideshow transition twins
jquery banner rotator
random caption transition
responsive banner rotator
mobile ready, touch swipe
touch swipe banner rotator
responsive, scale smoothly
jQuery Slider
worldwide popular banner rotator example
390+ caption transitions
caption can be
in team
360+ slideshow transitions
slideshow can play
banner slider
Do you notice it is draggable by mouse/finger?
jquery banner slider
Did you drag by either horizontal or vertical?
responsive banner slider
Do you notice navigator responses when drag?
touch swipe banner slider
Do you notice arrow responses when click?
jQuery Slider
supper scalable banner slider example
deep ui comstomization
image thumbnail
text thumbnail
mixed thumbnail
jQuery Slider
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En europeisk barokkreise
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