Camerata Romeu - orchestra

Camerata Romeu
The Camerata Romeu was created by Maestra Zenaida Romeu in 1993 as the first all-female string orchestra in Latin America and the world.

The purpose is to expose to the general acknowledgement the musical production of our Cuban and Latin-American composers, conceived from a string´s ensemble.

It had occupied a space never before explored, in order to recreate the rhythms and genres of Cuban music though the style of a chamber orchestra.
It´s considered as unique because of its repertoire and its scenic presence.

Conductor: Zenaida Romeu

Violins I:
Anabel Estévez, Liliam Marta Llanes, Amelia Febles,
María de Lourdes Pomares, Noelia García

Violins II:
Yadira Cobo, Camila Martel, Adria Gómez, Maite Gómez
Lisbet Sevila, Denia León, Beatriz Piloto, María Teresa Lusson

María Carla Llera, Mara Mercedes Navas,
Daniela Valverde Gámez

Double Gass:
Caridad Zaldivia Lores