Knut Buen - Hardanger fiddle

Knut Buen
from Telemark is the highest profiled Hardanger fiddle player of our time. Besides being a great performer of folk music, he is also a folklore collector, writer, rose painter and cultural entrepeneur, He comes from a family with a long folk music tradition and is the brother of Hauk Buen and Agnes Bue Garnås. He has won the National Championship several times, toured with Concerts Norway, and taken part in festivals at home and abroad. Buen is known as a collector of old folk songs and folk tunes, and his cultural workshop has made a ground-breaking contribution to the publication and distribution of phonograms, books and musical scores. In 2001 he started a new record company, Nyrenning. Buen has received a number of prizes and awards, among others the LIndemann prize. In 1999 he was made a Knight of the Order of St Olav. Knut Buen has also won recognition as an innovator for his own compositions