A Scandinavian evening Date: 18.08.2018 Time: 18:00 Venue: Oslo Konserthus Open: 17:30 End: 20:00 Buy tickets her Kari Postma Håvard Stensvold Ungdomssymfonikerne Johannes Gustavsson


The Norwegian National Youth Orchestra and their artistic director Johannes Gustavsson
invite to a Scandinavian evening with two wonderful vocal soloists.

Anders Hillborg (1954-): Eleven Gates (2005/2006)
No. 1. Drifting into D-major
No. 2. Suddenly in the Room with Chattering Mirrors
No. 3. D Major Still Life
No. 4. Confused Dialogues with Woodpecker
No. 5. Suddenly in the Room with Floating Mirrors
No. 6. Into the Great Wide Open
No. 7. Meadow of Sadsongs
No. 8. Toypianos on the Surface of the Sea
No. 9. String Quartet spiralling to the Seafloor
No. 10. Seafloor Meditation (Whispering Mirrors at the Seafloor)
No. 11. Waves, Pulse and Elastic Seabirds

Edvard Grieg (1843-1907): various songs

Carl Nielsen (1865-1931): Symphony No. 3, op. 27 (1910/1911)
Allegro espansivo
Andante Pastorale
Allegretto un poco
Final: Allegro