Berit Alette Mienna - vocals

Berit Alette Mienna
Berit Alette Mienna, an educator, joiker and narrator from Finnmark in Norway.

She grew up in a big family in a small village, Jergul. There she was introduced into the hymnes and the joik's world by listening to joik to family and friends as well as past joiks.

Berit Alette gives joikcourses and performs with yoik and sami hymn singing. Her Joikcourses are popular both in the north and in Europe. She shares her experiences and educational skills and make the joik known through local and Nordic joik projects such as NRK TV Muitte Mu, Russuoh Vuölieb - Wake up the Joik in Umeå, Joikeprosjektet in Kirkenes, Juoiggas muinna - joik with me in Lovozero, Enare, Porsanger, Jokkmokk.