Freja Burgess - kunstner

Freja Burgess
Freja is educated in Art and Craft, with a specialism in textiles.

Having gained her Bachelor degree in Textile Design at Manchester School of Art in the UK, she is currently studying on the Master programme within the textile department at the National Academy of the Arts, Oslo.

Artist Statement
Led by my intuition and a fascination with my visual surroundings, I have a desire to translate my perceptions into visual and tactile responses. Working primarily with textiles, I document my observations and ideas; translating impalpable reflections into physical, material pieces that can be touched and experienced by others. Exploring the physical potential of textiles, I work with their fluid and structural qualities, to create textile sculptures. Preferring to work by hand, my practice is focussed on processes of drawing, silk screen printing and dyeing textiles to create outcomes that aim to influence the experience of a particular space.

Ligeti Project
I will be responding to the 18 étude for solo piano with a hand printed and painted textile outcome. Developing onwards from recent work I created for an installation at the Deichman Bjørvika library, in which I explored the translation of hand drawings onto silk organza through the technique of silk screen printing. I will be continuing to work with these methods; with the fluid and translucent properties of silk, to create hung textile artworks to be suspended within the performance hall. I will create a number of abstract responses to these ètudes, interpreting what I perceive into physical and tactile manifestations, with a real consideration of colour and visual texture.