Kraggerud & Gaarder - Equinox Date: 23.08.2019 Time: 20:00 Venue: AF - Høymagasinet Open: 19:30 End: 22:45 Buy tickets her Henning Kraggerud Jostein Gaarder Arktisk Filharmonis Kammerorkester


Henning Kraggerud and Jostein Gaarder find their tone again - this time at the Nordland Music Festival in Bodø.
They have worked with the chamber orchestra to create a concert within a framework of time zones and keys.
Join us for a musical and magical journey around the globe!

At an equinox there is exactly 12 hours between sunrise and sunset over the entire earth. In other words,
day and night is the same length for everyone. The spring equinox is on March 21 and it is on this particular
day that Jostein Gaarder's intense story unfolds. This is a typical Gaarder story, which takes place on several levels.
After a while, you will realize the connection between the various threads. Henning Kraggerud has written
effective and beautiful music to accompany Gaarder's texts.

"Sleepless during the spring equinox, he writes down the story of his surreal journey as he awaits his sentence."
Discussions have taken place in Europe since the 17th century about the intrinsic properties of the keys.
Did the 24 keys have hidden and magical powers? Quotes from theorists, philosophers and composers of the day indicate that this is the case.
These quotes and myths provided Jostein Gaarder and Henning Kraggerud with a common source of inspiration for this project.
They take us on a journey eastwards around the globe, through 24 time zones during the 24 hours of the day.