Igor Stravinsky: The Soldier's tale with Liv Ullmann

The story tells of the Soldier who has a magic violin which he trades with
the Devil who promises to fulfil his every wish.
One of his many encounters involves his curing the lovely daughter of a King
but throughout the piece the Devil proves a tricky protagonist.

The Concert Suite consists of the following Movements:
1. The Soldier's March
2. Airs by a Stream
3. Pastorale
4. Royal March
5. The Little Concert
6. Three Dances: Tango - Waltz - Ragtime
7. Dance of the Devil
8. Grand Choral
9. Triumphal March of the Devil

Liv Ullmann, as the Devil
Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, as the Soldier
Mattis Herman Nyquist, as the narrator
Magnus Emaka Einang, as the prince
Arve Tellefsen, violin
Svein Haugen, double bass
Hans Christian Bræin, clarinet
Embrik Snerte, fagot
Ole Edvard Antonsen, cornet
Sverre Riise, trombone
Kjell Tore Innervik, percussion

Directed by: Einar Bjørge Conductor: Halldis Rønning