Duo Rossi

Klovner – Clowns

Foto: Stéphane Chang

Yann Rossi was born in 1967 in Bron next to Lyon. He is the seventh generationof the Rossi dynasty. He started practicing a foot-juggling act at seven years, trained by his mother Alberina Caroli Rossi. The following year he started to learn music with hisfather, Pierre Rossi, (reading scores, music theory, accordion). At the age of 9 he entered the ring for the first time with his foot-juggling actand as “clown-august” in the musical act of his parents and brother. In 1984 at the age of 17 years he prefers to dedicate his energy to learning the artof the “white face clown”. By doing so he takes the place of hisgrand-fatherEttore Rossi in the traditional clown-trio “Les Rossyann” which exists from1967 to 2017. At the same time he continues his school, study via correspondence and he learns various circus professions:handstands, juggling, acrobatic, etc… He also completes his musical knowledge by following private studies during the circus-seasons in Europe at the examp of his father and brother. That’s howtrumpet, saxophones, accordion, guitar xylophone, concertina etc…In his hands these abilities permitted him to play with the Luzerner symphonicorchestra in Luzern at the circus Nock, with the WDR orchestra in Cologne atcircus Roncalli, with Pilsener philharmonic orchestra in München Gasteig, aswell as with the famous French trumpet soloist Bernard Soustrot in Paris wherethey played the “ Carnaval of Venice and variations”. Nowadays, Yann continues the tradition of the “white face clown”, and artisticexpression that is about to disappear and exells in keeping alive the nobility andelegance of the “personage” everytime he enters in the ring. Forming now a duo with his wife Alexandra, he presents various acts of musicalclowns, parodies, and slapstick comedies, leaving behind the traditional clownsand august characters. They also adapt a mucical comedy to the world of the cabarets, varieties and thetheater. 

Alexandra is Swiss, born in Bülach close to Zürich in 1966.Her father was aprecision mechanic and head of his own business. Her mother was a housewifeafter having been one of the few women working for the Swiss airline as a flightplanner.After her studies at the University of Zürich, she started working in the field ofsalesand marketing management in a famous American-based consumer goodscompany.In 1996 she met Yann in the Swiss circus Nock and a year and a half later she lefther life to join him on his circus tournéeswhich led them in many differentcountries such as Israel, Austria, Greece, Germany, France, Italy, all theScadinavian countries to name just a few. Quite someyears later and after havinghad their two children, she becomes Yann’s partner also inthe ring. In fact, theDuoformed by Yann and his brothersplits up in 2018 and Alexandra becomesthe elegant musician and singer in a new musical act they had created together.Ever since 2019 she wears with much brio the costume of the “august”, theclumsy and comical partner of the traditional white face clown and comicalpartner of the traditional white face clown and she claims that it suits hercharacter and personality even better. This change allows her also to performthe classical clown acts with her husband which children of all ages appreciate.At her young age, she had studies the guitar, lyrical singing, flute, classical andjazz-dance, all of which she uses now in her work with Yann having even addedthe Soprano, Tenor and Baritone saxophones as well asthe strange-bizzareclown instruments theyuses for their musical act as show in Cirkus Arnardo in2022 in Norway.


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