Madara Eleonora Mežale

Klarinett – Clarinet

Foto: Elīna Čeprova

Madara Eleonora Mežale(b. 2000) is a Latvian clarinettist currently pursuing bachelor degreein the clarinet class ofBjörn Nyman at The Norwegian Academy of Music.Besides her studies,Madara Eleonora is afrequentparticipantofmasterclasseswithinternationally acclaimedclarinettists and professors, such as Yehuda Gilad, HarriMäki,Andreas Sunden,Martin Fröst,Hermann Stefánsson,Shirley Brill,Christoffer Sundqvistand others.During her earlier school years, Madara Eleonora was a laureate ofboth national andinternation competitions in solo and chamber music, afterwhich shegained adeeperinterestin chamber music. Since then she has been a part of different chamber music groups andprojects, that focuse both on classical and contemporaryrepertoire,in additioncollaboratingand premiering compositions of hercontemporaries.Few ofherrecenthighlights includetheperformance of Clarinet Quintet by Johannes Brahms and collaboration withcomposer andpianist Wolfgang Plagge and The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studiesperforming music written by P. Schonfield, W. Lutoskawski and M. Skoryk.Madara’snewest upcoming collaboration will be withanewly established contemporaryensemble AREPOfrom the Norwegian Academy of Musicwhose members are Elizabeth Kate(cello, US), Noel Rubli (accordion, Switzerland) and Marco Slaviero (guitar, Italy).They believein broadening and diversifying concerts with the repertoire they play and also hope tosimultaneously challenge the audienceto view concerts in a more three-dimensional lens. Bybreaking standard instrumentation, using their voices, their bodies, and playing works bycomposers of marginalized communities.AREPO aims to set a new standard for what a 21stcentury concert can entail.AREPO stands by the statement that Music is more thanentertainment, it is also a means of communication and education.


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