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Ensemble – Ensemble

Foto: Vilmantas Krikščiūnas

“St. Genesius Troupegoes toEurope “-an interactive musical performance in which music, dance, song,and actingcome together to reflect the uniqueness of avariousstage genres’synthesis, whose roots reachBaroque and older times.The main motive of the performance is the immense possibilities of imagination and fantasy that allow thewandering artists to surprise thespectatorsand convince them about their knowledge of the artsand cultureof other countries. From the perspective of an enlightened spectator, it is clearly seen that the Italian Commediadell Arte, the splendor of the royal palace of France, the fun life of English sailors or Spanish passions aremerely beautiful,pleasant and very sincere pieces of their imagination.The drama playwright gently combines the main principles of Italian, French, Spanish, English theater,whilecomedy and self-irony bring the artist closer to the viewer. The performance uses commediadell’arte theaterelements that allow the viewer to be involved in the creation of dramaturgy. Amazement,the aesthetics, theelegance ofearlymusic and dance as well as its banality neutralizing comedy and self-irony are componentsof the performance, inwhich the viewer becomes not only an observer but also a participant.  


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